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Berry's Diagnosis & Treatment

Berry's Top 10 Treatment Tips

Canine Lymphoma



      Berry is a Golden Retriever.  And guess what?  He loves to RETRIEVE!!!  Amazing how those things work out....  The view below shows him rescuing a piece of driftwood mere moments before it would have been sucked into the Gulf Stream and whisked away to Iceland or Spitzbergen or some such cold and foreboding place....  Good job Berry!!!


If you're going to be a good Retriever you've gotta be ready to make the Big Plunge in search of the wayward stick that some human has foolishly thrown into a creek....  Berry is equal to the task that's for sure!!!


And once you've got that stick well in-mouth, then it's time for a purposeful swim back to shore where maybe, just maybe, the human will yet again foolishly throw the stick into the creek and the process will need to be repeated.... again and again and again and.... Well, you get the idea.

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