Treatment Tip #7

Berry the Dog

Canine Lymphoma

Berry's Diagnosis & Treatment

Berry's Top 10 Treatment Tips



      Expect an emotional roller coaster 

Beginning treatment is very stressful. Mere days before, we thought our dog was in good health. Suddenly, our dog had a life threatening illness. We were clueless but had to decide what to do -- in the face of conflicting advice. We rearranged our schedules to accommodate Berry’s treatment. We only shared the details with our "dog friends" and tried to go about the rest of our lives as though nothing had changed. I chose the phrase "roller coaster ride" because that’s how it felt to us. Check out the Links– several other owners use exactly the same phrase, so I think this is the emotional reality of this experience.

Assuming your dog responds to treatment, it gets easier as time goes on. You gather information and make decisions. You get to know the professionals who are helping you. The regimen of medicines and side effects, if any, becomes more predictable. You know what to watch for and the kinds of questions to ask. You find a balance between urgency (necessary to save your dog) and patience (necessary to give the treatment protocol time to work). 

If you are lucky, your dog goes into remission, and the treatment schedule is spread out, meaning fewer drugs and appointments and more time for your dog to be a dog. You’ll deal with recurrence when there is one and, until then, you enjoy every day with your dog.


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